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Also, either ends of their range would be the most unlikely - i think they’d all rather date someone close to their age, so the lowest and highest age would the lowest/highest they’d go so it’s very unlikely. It's time to see if you're actually your bias music which member of bts are you it's time to see if you're actually your bias. Published on feb 19, 2014 dating in the middle ages, comedy webseries - heres a few minutes of some behind the scenes footage bts dating age range direct download link click to download full hd video song, movie, music video, trailer.

This list goes through the most current and up to date standings on bts’s reported ideal types jin jin’s ideal girlfriend would have a puppy-face and a puppy-like personality. I can totally see him with a noona but even if his girl is younger than him she has to be mature for her age jin needs someone who could also be his rock sometimes when he’s down and go with him through everything. Ages bts would date i did not proof read this so i apologize for any mistakes or awkward sentences jin- i feel like he would want someone the same age or a bit younger.

Bts is having quite the year hopefully we’ll learn more one day in the meantime, it’s fun to fantasize about dating any one of them, don’t you think hollywoodlifers, who did you get . Bts reaction to you (gf) being 9 years younger - i did an exo reaction for the same situation (here) i hope you guys like this reaction like i said in the exo reaction, i think all the boys would. Who is jin know kim seok-jin from bts' bio, wiki, salary, & net worth including dating, girlfriend, married, ethnicity, age, height, size, career, singer & model, facts. Anonymous said: how much of an age gap would the boys date at i know you only accept a 1-3 member response but you don't need to go specific just a short answer will do :) answer: hey there~ “ i’m.

1 truth untold, idol, fake love, dead leaves, human and love of a daughter 2bts 3lechon 4 why are we learning math if we have calculators 5 yasssss bishhh 6 with 7 i can put my legs behind my neck, like my legs is around the neck 8girls can do boys stuff boys can do girls stuff 9i don't know 10 just yesterday 11 none 12 no 13 christian 14. Who is closest to your age ^^ mine is jungkook i'm 14 yo but my korean age is 15 :3 if you're wondering how to compute your korean age this is how you do it (current year - birth year + 1 = your korean age). Choose one to be bts girlfriend choose one to be bts girlfriend sign up log in just for fun love & friendship bts dating game report. Hello guysss so i just made this dating game about how it would be if you lived with bts i really hope you enjoy this special dating game with a theme.

Bts dating game (rpg) you soon became friends with his friends and they were called bts you were a popular girl in school, well, there was one named kai who's . Bts mtl dating someone with a ten year age difference request: most to least likely to date a girl with 10 years age difference thank you :) a/n: since its bts is a bit younger, i’m going to reduce the age difference when using examples of the girl being younger than them. Who is jeon jungkook of bts biography, age jeon jungkook’s real name is jeong-guk he was born on september 1, 1997, in buk district, in busan, south korea the rapper’s family is made up of his mother, father, and older brother he is korean by nationality and asian by ethnicity.

If bts member start dating their career won't be over but army would go crazy #9 somilucent , oct 16, 2017 biancamcgraw , tae_bunz , lovejungkookie18 and 8 others like this. Jin bts officialさん(@btsbighitofficial)がシェアした投稿 - 2017 2月 2 7:00午前 pst lee guk joo, a korean comedian, came into the spotlight after rumors about her dating an idol began to surface. When is the first bts dating scandal going to be revealed i want a bts gay dating scandal i think it would be good for the gay community and they would have so much support i agree and . Recently dating rumors have circulated surrounding jungkook and jung chae yeon, a member of a korean girl group but this gossip just appeared to arise from a misunderstanding which arose from some of jungkook’s past comments.

Dating rumors of bts members are they dating or is it just a girl’s delusions her name is ko sohyun and is the same age as jungkook. Even if we are one of their ideal age type in the end we know that it's impossible for us to have them into army's join the community bts dating doors 248 . Bts ideal types home fan clubs meet the star did you know that bts picked out those black girls who were in the american hustle episode when they did a mini .

Bts dating age
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